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During the hectic lives we lead, we all have a tendency to push ourselves a little harder and further than perhaps we should, leading to shorter sleep times and tiredness. Being tired behind your desk at work is not the end of the world, as long as you’re not caught by your boss, but behind the wheel of the car or vehicle, it can be lethal.


Every year drowsy driving is responsible for at least:
(Source from:


Self-declared behaviour as a car driver, Driving while tried causes of a road car crash(Source from:


$2 Billion are estimated to cost for Drowsy Driving accidents in Australia each year.(Source from:


To help eradicate vehicle accidents caused by fatigue and drowsiness, W.P ENO have created a small award-winning driver monitoring system. Easily mounted to your dashboard, the Speedir DMS will quickly alert you if it recognizes you are falling asleep at the wheel. Detecting when your eyes are becoming tired or intermittently shutting. Reminding you to take a break before any accident may occur.

The W.P.ENO state-of-the-art driver monitoring system(DMS) can detect distracted and drowsy drivers by accurately measuring eye and head position, driver attention and fatigue. It will alert driver when a dangerous situation is detected or imminent. 

W.P. ENO's DMS understands driver behavior, allowing drivers to make better dicisions to improve comfort and safety.

The face and eyeball tracking algorithm uses invisible 940nm infrared technology during the night to monitor you 24/7, keeping you safe any time of the day or night. Measuring just 2.64 x 1.26 inches or 70 x 40 x 50 mm in size, the sensor is housed in an aircraft grade aluminum alloy enclosure to help keep the internal components cool with no annoying fans to distract you while driving. Equipped with a Speedir Rigid 940nm PMMA Lens, the sensor only allows invisible infrared transmission that will not cause any distraction or discomfort to the driver’s eyes.


Everything you need to set up the Speedir DMS sensor is provided in the box, including the 2m or 6ft Nylon braided USB-C cable that provides power to the system. A stainless steel bracket, allowing you to easily mount the sensor to your dashboard using strong double sided sticky pads, already attached to the base and ready to use straight out-of-the-box.

W.P.ENO Driver monitoring systems use state of art infrared based camera sensing utilizing safely controlled artificial intelligence to determine driver attention while in control of the vehicle, offer a wide range of safety, security, comfort and convenience features to advance the safety and user experience of present and future vehicle mobility.


 Input Voltage 5V Current 0.5A
Build-in Camera 1080p Detect Distance 20-150cm
FOV 60° x 60° Dust Proof
Operation Temp -30℃ to 70℃ / -22℉ to 158℉ Storage Temp. -30℃ to 85℃ / -22℉ to 185℉


Winner of multiple awards at the SEMA 2021 event in Las Vegas during November 2021, the Speedir DMS is definitely worth further investigation if you drive. 

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