Rotating Night Owl™ Thermal Night Vision Infrared Camera Kit with Screen and Magnet 360 degree Base

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Pan and tilt with wireless remote.

Sensor Resolution: 400x300.

Includes 7" speedir screen.

Upgraded 2023 model now available with user replaceable lens! This thermal camera kit includes everything out of the box to get started:

  • Speedir Night Owl Thermal imager with rotating magnet base
  • Speedir 7" High-resolution LCD Screen
  • 12v lighter plug

This rotating thermal camera kit is perfect for search and resque applications. Night Owl™ HD thermal camera High definition thermal vision with 400x300 thermal sensor and 720x480p output resolution. Standard video connector can connect to any screen or video input. Can be used in various applications including automotive, industrial inspections, security, fire & rescue etc. See pedestrians, animals, vehicles beyond your visible light. See through fog, smoke, dust. Long Detection Distance: It can detect heat up to 3000ft beyond the scope of the headlight beam.

Speedir’s unique infrared imaging cameras use thermal energy and heat signatures to create a viewable, camera-like display. As heat sensors, these systems require no visible light, allowing you to view subject matter through dust, darkness, and even vegetation. When equipped to vehicles, Speedir’s appliances aid your driving safety by effortlessly perceiving hard-to-see roadway threats. View animals, pedestrians, and other vehicles with ease, in the dead of night or the thick of a dust storm!

  • Dimension: 2.3" X 1.5" X 1.4"
  • Rated Voltage: DC 9V-32V
  • Power Consumption: 9w
  • Output resolution: HD 768x576p @25hz
  • Visual Angle: 37° x 28°
  • Sensor Resolution: 400x300
  • Frame Frequency: 25hz
  • Spatial Resolution: 1.3 mrad
  • Operating Temperature: -40°F to 158°F
  • Waterproof Rate: IP68
  • Heat Detection: 3000ft +

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