Night Owl™ Thermal Night Vision

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Model: Night Owl Without Algorithm
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S Many deer that live near roads and highways that have a lot of traffic become accustomed to the sounds of moving vehicles. Deer often graze in fields and pastures near highways or woodland areas near country roads. Deer also travel across these roads to find mates or food. They either learn that they are dangerous and choose to avoid the roadways or they stop fearing them and eventually wander out onto the roads where they can cause accidents.

Based on the results of a study performed by the National Highway Traffic Safety administration, over 1 million deer accidents involving cars happen yearly in United States. At least 200 of those are fatal for the deer, the persons in the car, or both.

Speedir’s thermal sensing system uses an infrared camera mounted in the front grille of the vehicle that senses heat differences as sensitive as a tenth of a degree to create a highly detailed thermal image of the world out in front of the vehicle. To detect animals, pedestrians and cyclists up to 500 meters ahead of the vehicle.

Thermal sensing systems help drivers see objects 3-4 times farther than the vehicle headlight range and improve visibility in fog, smoke and on-coming headlight scenarios.


Note: Above object algorithm with highlight & audio alert, is only supported by Night Owl Plus series.



 Dimension 3.0" X 2.5" X 2.25" Rated Voltage DC 12V/24V
Power Consumption 9W Output resolution 720x480p @60hz
FOV 27° x 18° Spatial Resolution 1.3 mrad
Sensor Resolution 400x300 Frame Frequency 60hz
Connector CVBS
Operating Temperature  -40°F to 158°F
Waterproof Rate IP67 Heat Detection 3000ft +

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