Trail-TrackIR series Thermal Monocular Night Vision

尺寸: 640x480 @ 12μm, Lens: 19mm
Sale price$2,905.13 USD


Speedir Thermal Monoculars are packed with the latest technology and high-end infrared sensors to offer you the best value for thermal night vision!

Optical and digital zoom
Wifi Video Casting
HDMI Output
Picture in Picture zoom
Hot spot tracking
Multiple color palettes
16GB internal storage for recording

Speedir thermal monoculars are the best option for night vision because they don't need any visible light to function!

Speedir thermal monoculars offer superior night vision capabilities as they operate without the need for any visible light sources. They are used for observing and detecting heat signatures in any environment. It operates based on the principle of thermal imaging, which detects heat emitted by objects and converts it into a visible image. Unlike traditional night vision devices that rely on ambient light, Speedir thermal monoculars can detect heat signatures even in complete darkness or through obstructions such as fog, smoke, or foliage.

Speedir thermal monoculars are compact, lightweight, and portable, resembling a small binocular or a camera. However, they pack advanced technology and high-end components. They consist of a large germanium objective lens, a high-resolution infrared detector, a powerful signal processor, and an OLED display screen. The objective lens collects infrared radiation from the scene, which is then focused on the infrared detector. The detector converts the infrared radiation into an electrical signal, which is processed and transformed into a visual representation on the Speedir OLED display screen.

The resulting image displayed on the screen shows variations in temperature as different shades of gray or color, with warmer objects appearing brighter or in different colors depending on the color palette chosen. This allows users to identify and distinguish objects, people, or animals based on their thermal signatures at night or even in low-visibility conditions.

Speedir thermal monoculars have a wide range of night vision applications, including search and rescue missions, hunting, wildlife observation, military and law enforcement operations, surveillance and security, technical and electrical inspections, and outdoor activities. They provide valuable situational awareness by allowing users to see beyond the limitations of visible light, making them useful night vision or inspection tools in various fields.

  • Specifications

  • Model: Night TrackIR

  • IR Resolution: 640×480@12μm Spectral Range: 8~14μm

  • NETD: <50mk @ F1 25°C

  • Focal Length: 25mm F1.1, 35mm F1.2, 50mm F1.2 

  • Frame Rate: 50Hz

  • Zoom: Optical 1.7x to 3.3x, Digital: 4x to 8x

  • HD Display resolution: 1280x960

  • Visual Effect: It's like viewing a 22′′ screen from a distance of 3ft

  • Battery life: 5 hours

  • IP Rating:  IP66

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